What is the purpose of the led screen I am looking for (advertising, signaling, information)? According to the purpose of our led screen we would choose monstly a RGB or video full-color for adverting, a single, dual or tri-color for information and a RGB or graphics panel for signaling.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of which I can have? Led screen measures depends on led boards and chassis dimensions so that we would need to calculate the measures that most closely approximates to that required.

Do I need a specific resolution? It depends on the content I would like to display but in any case it's advisable to respect at least the proportions of the videos that I want to reproduce in case of video full-color. In case of a graphics screen it would be necesarry to check the icon definition I plan to show.

Which is the visibility distance I need? In case of video full-color the pixel-pitch (distance between the axis of 2 pixels) will determinate the optimun visibility range while in case of a text sign we would need to use a character height of aproximatly 10 cm. for each 40/50 meters of distance.

In case of text screen how many characters I need standing in a single row? It's important to keep in account that the each sign can support just a predetermined number of standing character on screen while the scroll mode is almost unlimited compared with the average number of character of a normal advertising or information message.

Where will the screen be located? According to the led screen location (indoor, outdoor, sunny place, etc.) we will define its brightness, communication mode (direct cable, mobile connection, TCPIP network, etc.) and its IP protection grade (indoor, outdoor, water-proof, etc.)

Do I need some extra features? I would need to establish if the led screen must include some extra features like clock/calendar, temperature probe, digital or analogic input/output signals, etc..

How and how long do I want to update the content? Depending on how and how long I want to update the content I will choose the way to do it (software, keyboard, remote control, etc.) and the communication type.

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