2 YEARS WARRANTY All our products are covered by a 2 year warranty according to european regulation with the possibility of extending it up to 4 years paying an extra cost. The guarantee is in conditions of supply not including the round-trip transportation costs.

TRANSPORT COST TO DESTINATION In case we are required we could manage the products transport directly to its final destination.

PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE AND USER MANUALS Each product is served with a programming software and a user manual availables, according to the model, in several languages among wich are English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

STANDARD WIRING Each product is served ready to use including a standard power cable, a data cable and an USB adapter (in case of direct cable communication).

STANDARD ANCHORS & SCREWS According to the product model the customer will be provided with standard anchors and screws.

FREE ON-LINE ASSISTENCE Our customers could count on an e-mail service assistence during all product useful life.

Who We Are

More than 25 years in LED technology

Originally founded under the name of INELED in 1983 with the mission to exploit LED technology, over time the company has become a spanish market leader committed to improving the quality of their products and services to fully satisfy our customers and keep on growing.

What We Do

Quality turnkey solutions

  • Two years warranty.
  • Free of charge assistence.
  • Maintenance service.
  • Customized manufacturing
  • Software development.

Who Work With Us

Among our customers:

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